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Crunchy Christmas Biscuits

This is similar to the Christmas Nankhatai recipe, only that it has a lovely crunch (more like a biscuit than a cookie) and that the tutti-frutti is mixed with the dough rather than just decorating the nankhatai on the top. I call them Christmas Biscuits since these are white with red and green tutti-frutti. Ingredients: [...]

KulKuls (Goan Christmas Sweet)

Christmas in incomplete in a Goan household without the traditional Kulkuls. Different households have their own recipes, though the basic curled shape (that’s where the name probably originated ) is common. Some add the sugar into the dough while some others even make them salty. In our family, we make them with sugar frosting. That’s [...]

Christmas Strawberry Bouquet

This is a simple bouquet made of strawberries arranged in a vase with a festive pattern. Christmas is a time when one is busy with making Christmas sweets with no time whatsoever to decorate the table when guests are expected. Moreover, the red strawberries blend in well with the green Christmas tree. This is also [...]

Guava Stew

Guava Stew is a dessert that is quick to make and without much effort, too. It tastes yummy with a dollop of custard on top. You need ripe yellow guavas for this recipe. The larger the size of the guava, the better since only the fleshy portion of the guava is used for this dessert. [...]

Guava Cheese (Perad)

Guava Cheese, also known as Perad, is one of the must-have Christmas sweets. At our house, it is made not only at Christmas, but whenever we manage to get the good pulpy guavas required to make this. It is loved by every member of the family. Though it requires a good deal of energy to [...]

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