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Chocolate Bouquet using Assorted Chocolates

This bouquet is made from assorted chocolates. It’s very simple to make, requiring hardly any preparations as assorted chocolates generally come in various colours making the bouquet colourful. Here, we have used some curling ribbon and some shredded crepe paper in addition to the chocolates. This was made Easter-time, so we’ve used the bunny mug. [...]

Easter Basket×300.jpg

A Simple Easter Basket

This is a very simple Easter basket ideal for beginners. You can either make the Easter eggs at home or buy these. What we have used here are home-made. You can check out our recipe of Chocolate and Marzipan Easter Eggs. What you need: A basket Floral Foam Ferns Curling Ribbon Easter eggs. Decorative articles [...]

Chocolate and Marzipan Easter Eggs

When one thinks of Easter, what most think of is the Easter Egg. What comes to my mind as a treasured childhood memory is the chocolate covered marzipan eggs which is faithfully made to this day every Easter …… at home. It’s a fairly simple recipe. All you need is a little planning as the [...]

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