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Guava Stew

Guava Stew is a dessert that is quick to make and without much effort, too. It tastes yummy with a dollop of custard on top. You need ripe yellow guavas for this recipe. The larger the size of the guava, the better since only the fleshy portion of the guava is used for this dessert. [...]

Guava Cheese (Perad)

Guava Cheese, also known as Perad, is one of the must-have Christmas sweets. At our house, it is made not only at Christmas, but whenever we manage to get the good pulpy guavas required to make this. It is loved by every member of the family. Though it requires a good deal of energy to [...]


This is a nice tea-time snack very common along coastal India. There are small variations in the basic preparation. The one written here is basically the kind made in a Goan / Mangalorean Christian home. Though made anytime during the year (depending on the availability of the leaves), it is traditionally made on the 15th [...]

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