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Calla Lily Bouquet

I really enjoyed making this one. It doesn’t take too long and looks really pretty. These are simple Calla Lilies made from Duplex paper. The duplex paper used here had two shades of yellow. However, the ones with yellow one side and white on the other also look very pretty. The basic shape of the [...]

Wheat and Oat Cookies

Here is our version of oat cookies wherein we use wheat flour instead of regular flour. It is much healthier with more fibre. These are great for kids especially the fussy ones who do not like oats in the form of porridge. Once done, the cookies can be wrapped in cling wrap and used in [...]

Basic Sponge Cake

This is the recipe for a basic sponge cake. It may be eaten plain or with jam in the middle and dusted on top with icing sugar. These also make delicious cupcakes. These cupcakes may be decorated with whipped cream and used for a cupcake bouquet. Ingredients: Flour – 225 gms. Butter – 225 gms. [...]

Chocolate Bouquet with Crepe Paper Flowers

The flowers of this bouquet are made up of crepe paper purchased from an Art and Craft Store. Crepe paper is available in a variety of colours. These flowers are very easy to make. For the chocolate, we have used the assorted variety which comes individually wrapped. The chocolates form the centre of the flowers. [...]

Christmas Strawberry Bouquet

This is a simple bouquet made of strawberries arranged in a vase with a festive pattern. Christmas is a time when one is busy with making Christmas sweets with no time whatsoever to decorate the table when guests are expected. Moreover, the red strawberries blend in well with the green Christmas tree. This is also [...]

Chocolate Bouquet using Assorted Chocolates

This bouquet is made from assorted chocolates. It’s very simple to make, requiring hardly any preparations as assorted chocolates generally come in various colours making the bouquet colourful. Here, we have used some curling ribbon and some shredded crepe paper in addition to the chocolates. This was made Easter-time, so we’ve used the bunny mug. [...]

Cupcake Bouquet with Whipped Cream Icing

Cupcakes are the best way to serve cakes, especially at parties or even to kids. Cupcakes can be decorated in a variety of ways with different themes to suit the occasion. Instead of presenting someone a bouquet of flowers, why not present them with a colourful cupcake bouquet to add a personal touch? You may [...]

Orange Candy Bouquet

This bouquet is made from orange flavoured candy, also known and fondly remembered as orange drops. It’s quite simple to make. We love filling the vase up with loads of candy as these are loved by both old and young. That’s the reason why we have not used any floral foam for this bouquet, but [...]

Chocolate Chip Cookie Bouquet

This is a fairly simple bouquet made out of Chocolate Chip cookies. We’ve baked the cookies we’ve used but you may use the cookies readily available. What you need: A vase or any container that can be decorated Chocolate chip cookies (approximately 12) Skewer sticks (We’ve used two lengths for this bouquet) Floral Foam / [...]

Fruit Bouquet using Strawberry, Grapes, Pineapple and Cantaloupe

This is a simple, yet colourful bouquet using basic fruits. It does not take too much of time as most of the fruits are used whole. What you need: A container or a vase with a fairly large mouth. A small cabbage that will fit into the vase A pineapple Some green and black grapes [...]

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