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A Simple Easter Basket

This is a very simple Easter basket ideal for beginners. You can either make the Easter eggs at home or buy these. What we have used here are home-made. You can check out our recipe of Chocolate and Marzipan Easter Eggs. What you need: A basket Floral Foam Ferns Curling Ribbon Easter eggs. Decorative articles [...]

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Apple Bouquet

The apple bouquet, though not very colourful, is a great way to serve apples especially to fussy kids. They, somehow, love to pluck each slice and eat. The only thing to be borne in mind is to cut the apples and arrange the bouquet just prior to serving so as to prevent the oxidation of [...]

Simple Chocolate Bouquet

This is a simple bouquet…great one to begin with. What we’ve used here are chocolates with individual wrappings. That makes the job much easier. The things you need are a vase, some bamboo skewers, florist’s tape, floral foam, a glue gun and of course, chocolates. You can also use some curling ribbon to decorate it [...]

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