Apple Bouquet

The apple bouquet, though not very colourful, is a great way to serve apples especially to fussy kids. They, somehow, love to pluck each slice and eat. The only thing to be borne in mind is to cut the apples and arrange the bouquet just prior to serving so as to prevent the oxidation of the apples.

Apples dipped in chocolate can also be used for this bouquet. This would eliminate any problems caused due to the oxidation of apples.

The bouquet shown here is made from  two apples.

What you would need to make this bouquet is a vase (here, we’ve used a large mouthed mug), an iceberg lettuce or cabbage, bamboo skewers, lemon juice and apples.

Cut the cabbage / lettuce so that it fits snugly in the mug (without sticking out)

Cut the apples into approximately 1″ slices. Sprinkle a few drops of lemon juice on the apple slices to prevent them from changing colour.

Poke the skewer through the apple. Arrange the skewered apples in a bouquet.

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