Chocolate Chip Cookie Bouquet

Choco-chip cookies

This is a fairly simple bouquet made out of Chocolate Chip cookies. We’ve baked the cookies we’ve used but you may use the cookies readily available.

What you need:

A vase or any container that can be decorated

Chocolate chip cookies (approximately 12)

Skewer sticks (We’ve used two lengths for this bouquet)

Floral Foam / Thermocol

Kitchen foil

Cling film (used for wrapping food)

Decoration for the vase


1. Decorate the container if you are using one or select a vase of your choice.

2. Cut the floral foam to size so that it fits snugly into the vase. Wrap it in kitchen foil and place it in the vase.

3. Wrap the cookies in cling film.

4.  Attach the skewers to the cookies. The cookies should ideally be baked with the skewers inserted. However, if your cookies are bought, you can attach the cookies with sticky tape. Since the cookies are wrapped in cling film, this is okay.

5. Insert the skewers into the foam in the vase.

Your bouquet is ready!

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