Orange Candy Bouquet

Edible bouquet

This bouquet is made from orange flavoured candy, also known and fondly remembered as orange drops. It’s quite simple to make. We love filling the vase up with loads of candy as these are loved by both old and young. That’s the reason why we have not used any floral foam for this bouquet, but instead formed the base of the bouquet using candy.

What you need:

A vase

Orange candy (quantity will be determined by the size of the candy and the vase)

Skewer sticks

Floral tape

Yellow Cellophane

Curling Ribbon (we have used yellow and peach curling ribbons)


  1. Attach the candy to the skewers with floral tape. Ensure the skewer is covered with floral tape.Candy bouquet
  2. Cut the cellophane into squares. Fold the cellophane in half twice and cut off a really small portion of the tip (i.e. in the centre of the cellophane square). so that the skewer can pass through. Once the cellophane is wrapped around the candy, tie the curling ribbon around the base to hold it firm. You may also use sticky tape to tape the cellophane to the skewer and then neatly cover it with the curling ribbon.Candy edible bouquet
  3. Now fill the vase with the loose candy, almost to the top ensuring the curling ribbons fall out of the vase when the skewered candy is inserted.Candy edible bouquet
  4. Now arrange the skewered candy into the vase.

Edible BouquetEdible orange candy bouquet

Your bouquet is ready!

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