Cupcake Bouquet with Whipped Cream Icing

Cupcake Bouquet India

Cupcake Bouquet India

Cupcakes are the best way to serve cakes, especially at parties or even to kids. Cupcakes can be decorated in a variety of ways with different themes to suit the occasion. Instead of presenting someone a bouquet of flowers, why not present them with a colourful cupcake bouquet to add a personal touch?

You may bake these cupcakes, or simply buy and decorate them or even just buy the already decorated cupcakes and arrange them in a lovely basket.

In this bouquet, we have decorated the cupcakes with whipped cream with one of the easiest patterns.

What you need:

A basket

Cupcakes decorated with whipped cream

Floral foam

Crepe / Tissue paper

Curling Ribbon

Tooth pics


1.  Decorate the cupcakes.

2.  Decorate the basket with curling ribbon or any other decoration of your choice. In this basket, we have kept it fairly simple with just curling ribbon.

3. Now cut the floral foam such that it snuggly fits into the basket. Cover the foam with crepe paper or green cellophane. This is to prevent the foam from coming in contact with the cupcakes. The reason we’ve selected green is to give it a natural look.

4.  Now arrange the cupcakes on the foam.

5.  In case you need to transport this bouquet, you may secure the cupcakes to the foam with the help of toothpicks. Insert half the toothpick through the bottom of the cake and the other half into the floral foam.

Your bouquet is ready!

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