Chocolate Bouquet using Assorted Chocolates

Edible Easter Chocolate Bouquet India

This bouquet is made from assorted chocolates. It’s very simple to make, requiring hardly any preparations as assorted chocolates generally come in various colours making the bouquet colourful. Here, we have used some curling ribbon and some shredded crepe paper in addition to the chocolates.

This was made Easter-time, so we’ve used the bunny mug. You may use any other mug or vase to suit the occasion.

What you need:

A vase / mug

Assorted Chocolates

Skewer sticks

Floral tape

Floral foam

Glue gun or any glue to stick the chocolate to the skewer

Green crepe paper

Curling Ribbon (we have used yellow and peach curling ribbons)


1. Wrap the skewers in floral tape.

2. Stick the skewer to the chocolate with the help of the glue gun. Ensure the skewer is attached to the back of the chocolate wrapper.

3.Tie a piece of curling ribbon at the base of each chocolate and curl the ribbon.

4. Now cut the floral foam so that it snugly fits into the vase / mug.

5. Shred the green crepe paper and lay it on top of the floral foam. You may even wrap the foam in tissue or crepe paper. Since the chocolates are wrapped, there is no worry about the chocolate coming in contact with the floral foam.

6.Now arrange the skewered chocolates in the vase / mug.

Your bouquet is ready!

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