Guava Stew

Guava Stew

Guava Stew is a dessert that is quick to make and without much effort, too. It tastes yummy with a dollop of custard on top.

You need ripe yellow guavas for this recipe. The larger the size of the guava, the better since only the fleshy portion of the guava is used for this dessert.


Guavas – approximately 1/2 kg.

Sugar – approximately 1 serving spoon, i.e. around ½ cup

Water – 1 cup

Cloves – 6-8

Cinnamon – approximately 1 inch long

Peppercorns – 6-8


1. Cut the guavas into 4-6 slices and scoop out the seeds.

2. Place the cut and deseeded guava in a vessel with the water, sugar cloves, cinnamon and pepper corns. Cook till the guava slices are soft. Once done, the guava stew will look as shown below.

Guava Stew India

3. In a bowl, place the guava pieces and the gravy. Top with a dollop of custard and a cherry.

You’re done…….Enjoy!

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