Wheat and Regular flour bread

Home-baked bread Homemade bread

Bread is one thing you need everyday for at least two meals of the day. Once you know how to bake it, you won’t want to buy another loaf ever again……you’d only want to bake them!


200 gms regular flour
300 gms wheat flour
9 gms yeast
1tsp salt
150 ml milk
2 tsp sugar
A dash of Vanilla essence

1. Sift the flour and add the salt.
2. Make a welwell in the centre. Add the yeast and sugar.
3. Heat the milk till Luke warm and pour over the yeast a little at a time
4. Knead the flour, form or into a ball and leave to prove under a moistened cloth till almost double in size (approximately one hour)
5. Once doubled knock it down and knead for approximately five minutes. Form into a log and place ina loaf tin till it doubles in size.
6. Bake at 200 degree Celsius for 15 minutes.

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