Calla Lily Bouquet

paper calla lilies

I really enjoyed making this one. It doesn’t take too long and looks really pretty.

These are simple Calla Lilies made from Duplex paper. The duplex paper used here had two shades of yellow. However, the ones with yellow one side and white on the other also look very pretty.

The basic shape of the calla lily is a heart with a slightly longer tip. I have used my fondant cutter to cut the shape of the spathe(petal). The spadix (the central portion of the flower) is made from sweet jelly sticks that are quite freely available in the sweet shops.

For this bouquet, I have used 12 calla lilies in a crystal vase filled with decorative glass marbles.

What you will need:

12 long and relatively thick skewers (since the natural calla lilies have thick stems)

Appoximately 6 sweet jelly sticks

12 tooth picks

Cling wrap

green tape

Duplex paper



1. Cut the duplex paper in the shape of the calla lily spathe. Shape each spathe by applying pressure with the thumbs. Then, shape the edges such that when folded to form the flower, these would curl outward.

2. Now, place the heart shape upside down, i.e. the tip towards the top. Roll the bottom edges in such a way that they overlap each other. Place a small dot of glue and stick together such that there is a small hole formed at the base. It is through this hole that the spadix will pass through. The hole should be just big enough to pass a toothpick.

3. Cut the sweet jelly stick of such length that when placed at the base of the spathe, it should reach approximately 3/4th the entire length of the spathe.

4. Pass a tooth-pic through the centre of the jelly stick. This is crucial as it is the toothpick that supports the jelly sticks. Now wrap the jelly stick with cling wrap which prevents ambient moisture from affecting the jelly sticks.

5. Now pass the toothpicks through the hole in the spathe. Place this against the tip of the large skewer. Tape the skewer and toothpick together with the help of green tape. Ensure that the end of the spathe is also taped to the skewer to give a natural effect and also to support the spathe.

6. Arrange in the vase.

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