Chocolate covered Strawberries

This simple and basic recipe makes a wonderful fruity desert that gets ready within no time.

All you need is some semisweet or dark chocolate, depending on the type of chocolate you prefer.You can either use the chocolate bar or chocolate chips. If the bar is used make sure you chop it to small pieces of more or less the same size. This ensures even melting.
You can either melt the chocolate in a double boiler or in a microwave.

Melting the chocolate

One must be very careful while melting chocolate in a microwave. While melting in a microwave, be sure to set it to low / medium heat and keep stirring it at short (20 – 30 second) intervals. Chocolate needs to be melted till it is of a nice flowing consistency.

Wash the strawberries (with stems) and pat dry ensuring no water droplets / moisture remain.

Chocolate's melted and the strawberries are washed and dried.
Once dried well, hold the strawberry by it’s stem, dip it in the chocolate giving it a swirl and then place it to dry on Parchment paper.


Once the chocolate covered strawberries have dried, you can also add variations in designs by drizzling white chocolate over the dark chocolate or you can coat the strawberries with white chocolate and drizzle dark chocolate over it.

Lay these choco-strawberries on a tray and your desert is ready!!!

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