Simple Chocolate Bouquet

This is a simple bouquet…great one to begin with.

What we’ve used here are chocolates with individual wrappings. That makes the job much easier.

The things you need are a vase, some bamboo skewers, florist’s tape, floral foam, a glue gun and of course, chocolates. You can also use some curling ribbon to decorate it further.

Cut the floral foam so that it snugly fits into the vase you’ve chosen. It should be thick enough to provide the required support to the chocolates.

You will need one skewer per chocolate. Twirl the florist’s ribbon around the skewer so as to cover the skewer completely. This is done so that it looks like the stem of the flower.

Using the glue gun, apply glue on the skewer and paste the back of the chocolate on the skewer.

Now arrange the chocolates in a bouquet as you would flowers.

You may use curling ribbons to further decorate the bouquet.

The bouquet shown here is a very simple one mainly to demonstrate the basic requirements of a chocolate bouquet.

We’ll be putting up more posts shortly.

Until then, Ciao!!!

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