Orange Candy Bouquet

This bouquet is made from orange flavoured candy, also known and fondly remembered as orange drops. It’s quite simple to make. We love filling the vase up with loads of candy as these are loved by both old and young. That’s the reason why we have not used any floral foam for this bouquet, but [...]

Mangalorean Pork Vindaloo with Yam

This Vindaloo is typical to Mangalore where they add Yam pieces to their Pork Vindaloo rendering it a different taste and enhancing the lovely flavours of pork. This is normally served with sannas or thick dosas. Ingredients: Pork – ½ kg cut into medium-sized pieces Onions – 2 large sliced Garlic – 4 large flakes [...]

Dudhi / Bottle Gourd Halwa

This is an Indian sweet made from Dudhi which the hindi name for bottle gourd. It is a simple recipe and makes a great desert. This is made from the slender bottle gourd which should be really tender. Ingredients: 1 Bottle Gourd / Dudhi – 500 gms approximately Sugar – around 4~5 heaped tablespoons (to [...]

Stir-fried Ladies Finger with Carrot and Potato

This dish is easy to make and is definitely a quick fix. The colours make the dish look really tempting. Ingredients: Ladies Finger – 250 gms Carrots – 100 gms Potato – 100 gms Onion – 1 medium sized diced Coriander powder – 1/2 tsp Cumin powder – 1/2 tsp Dried Mango powder -  1 [...]

Chocolate Chip Cookie Bouquet

This is a fairly simple bouquet made out of Chocolate Chip cookies. We’ve baked the cookies we’ve used but you may use the cookies readily available. What you need: A vase or any container that can be decorated Chocolate chip cookies (approximately 12) Skewer sticks (We’ve used two lengths for this bouquet) Floral Foam / [...]

Beef / Mutton Cutlets

These cutlets have been made in our family for more than four generations and is loved by all. It is quite simple and worth the effort. You could even use mutton mince instead. It is always better to get the beef double-minced. Ingredients: Beef mince – 1/2kg Onions – 2 large onions diced fine Ginger-garlic [...]

Fruit Bouquet using Strawberry, Grapes, Pineapple and Cantaloupe

This is a simple, yet colourful bouquet using basic fruits. It does not take too much of time as most of the fruits are used whole. What you need: A container or a vase with a fairly large mouth. A small cabbage that will fit into the vase A pineapple Some green and black grapes [...]

Scotch Eggs

This dish is really mouth-watering, loved by one and all, whether big or small. The reason I am putting this up is over the years, whoever has eaten this, has asked for the recipe. The quantity shown in this recipe makes 10 scotch eggs. Ingredients: Eggs – 5 Potatoes – 4-5 large sized Ketchup Salt [...]

Mangalorean Fried Fish

The reason why I call this a Mangalorean dish is due to the use of Bafat Masala which is widely used in Mangalore. It’s quite a handy masala that renders a lovely flavour to most dishes. In this dish, we have used Coconut Vinegar. But this can be replaced by any other vinegar or even [...]

Kori Roti

This is a delicacy from Mangalore, a lovely place situated on the Western Indian Coastline. Like most dishes made along the coast, this dish uses coconut milk. Kori means chicken and Roti is a type of rice crisp that this is typically eaten with. This Roti is generally got in the form of thin rectangular [...]

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